Whoever wins, we lose

Books, copyright, Google

In 2005, The Author’s Guild (TAG), filled a suit against Google’s project of scanning million of books, on the ground of copyright infringement. What Google Book actually displays are just snippets of text that allows the contextualization of the searched word. It is 2015 and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals court has affirmed a ruling that Google’s massive effort to scan millions of books for an online library does not violate copyright law.

In 2010, German publishers tried to do the same thing. The publishers won the copyright infringement suit, only to realize that they actually lost when Google complied with the ruling and removed those publishers from its search results.

What is more problematic here? The quasi-monopoly Google has over Internet searches, or the claims to copyright even for snippets of text?

The show will go on.

German Publishers lawsuit over Google

The author’s guild court appeal


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