Barnes&Noble sinks

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Barnes & Noble seems to have it pretty rough. But I doubt that competition from Amazon is the most salient cause of it. Let us not forget that Amazon still has to actually have a profitable year since its creation. Amazon is surely a giant to be reckoned with, but it seems that it gets all the attention every time something goes bad in the book industry. While not a fan of Bezos’s empire, I wonder how many misdeeds in the book industry and retail are covered up by claiming “Amazon did it!”.

Why are we looking just at Amazon for this situation, while ignoring the Big Five and their market strategies and politics?

All the more so when one considers that Amazon still has contracts with all the major publishing houses. They did not flinched when chains like Borders and B&N killed off most of the independent bookstores (with their backing), but now they all look concerned and wary and decry the state of the physical stores. Maybe if they thought to really do something for physical stores, they would lobby for a Publishing Act, as it existed in the UK until 1997, which specified how much discount a retailer can give, so as not to undercut others. Of course, collective action is hard, so we might as well put all the blame on Amazon.


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